Snow Day


Yesterday, was yet another bitterly cold Chicago day. To survive the cold I didn’t leave my bed and worked from home for the day. Of course Mr. Ziggs was the happiest of happy cats. He decided that he would graciously help me with my reports.


When he decided that I had been productive enough and deserving of a reward he curled up on my lap and designated it petting time. It was the perfect combination of work and Ziggy time. Though if Ziggy had his way everyday would be a work at home day.


Just look at that face of pure contentment. Also, the perfectly placed head leaving my arm immobile.

After that exhausting day Mr. Ziggs decided to call it an early night and manage to claim my spot in cloud of pillows I was hoping to read in. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to live it.


All in all, I think I would like to trade days with Ziggy. Unfortunately, today’s highs were above zero so off to work I trucked. Frozen toes and all. Until the next snow day.


Stay warm friends!


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