Fresh Start


Time to get back up on that bicycle.

It’s a new year and I want to reflect on how far I’ve come since the beginning of last

year. Life is progress and I believe progress is measured in the completion of goals

and the happiness that brings you.


–I got a new job. Almost 10 months in and I am happy as a clam.

–I visited San Francisco to see one of my favorite people

–I finally went to the Rolex! The little girl inside of me was screaming with joy and

the adult me was too!

–I made plans to fly to Spain this coming March to visit one of my oldest friends who

is living there.

–This may seem like an odd goal, but it marked a step in my life for me. I purchased

a beautiful handbag. I am working on cultivating my personal style, mixing classic

pieces with enough fun trends to feel modern. But purchasing that bag was the

beginning of focusing on quality, of finding my voice and listening solely to what I

love and what makes me love myself.

–I purchased a queen mattress, and I never want to leave my bed. It’s a comfortable

problem to have.

–I ended the year, on NYE, with no expectations but to enjoy the moment with the

people I was with. No comparisons, no pressure, no disappointment, and who would

have known, it was one of the best NYE’s so far.

That was the way I wanted to move into this year. Embracing more of the now with

less comparison to others. I love goals, lists, plans. They are how I survive and stay

sane in this crazy world but I think as I creep closer to a quarter-century (eek!) I am

finding security in me, myself and I. Now that’s a beautiful thing.


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