Balancing Act

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We can all feel it. The weight of expectations, those from our friends, our jobs and the heaviest of all, from ourselves. The need to do more, be more, keep up in this crazy world.


How do you find the balance between learning to let go and just be present in the moment, and keeping that drive that pushes you forward in life towards new and exciting things?


Here is how I strive to keep the balance:

1. I plan out my week.

~Grocery shopping and laundry on Sundays

~Gym Monday through Thursday (and if I make it on the weekend mental high five for me!)

2. I let it go if my plans all falls to pieces. This is the hardest part for me, but if I come home on Wednesday night and my back hurts, I let it go, no gym for me that night.

3. Changing of plans, however, does not mean relaxing of standards. Keep your goals. If you want clean laundry, and plans interrupt your Sunday wash cycle, then reorganize the next two days to squeeze it in then.  If I want my four days a week at the gym and Wednesday gets cancelled, then I had better plan for a weekend sweat session. Say “yes” to new opportunities, just rearrange the game plan when you do, this helps you feel more in control.


Always have goals and work towards them. There may be short term rearranging, but it’s the long run that you need to keep your eye on.
I try to keep the balance between the short term/long term in all areas of my life: budget, gym, laundry, saving for a new camera lens. You name it I have a long term goal with smaller shorter ones in between. Those smaller steps allow for more flexibility in life, they allow for small missteps on the path to achieving something important.


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