Tuesday Inspiration

I am dreaming of days where scarfs and jackets will be necessary again. Until then I am finding inspiration in a few great sales going on to revamp my wardrobe for fall and of course scouting out some great recipes to try once turning on my oven no longer sounds like some form of medieval torture.

A few links to things that have caught my eye and my stomach this week:

Hello new fall project: baked doughnuts, oh and brown butter glaze. Yes, nom nom.

This dress from Loft is a great transition piece and I love how it was styled on The Northeast Girl.

Creativity is inspiring and people solving everyday problems is creativity at its best. This article talks about a new bike that could help prevent bikes being stolen.

These brown butter shrimp and grits, I can’t even. Just yum.

The Everygirl had an article a few weeks ago, How to Grow Old with Yourself, which had some good advice but really got me thinking about being alone. As a self-admitted introvert I am well aware that I often prefer to be alone, but lately I have been trying to be more okay with the idea that I am not a party animal/center of attention kind of person. I love being around people and trying new things with friends, however at the end of the day I need some me-time to recharge and re-group for the next day.

Happy Tuesday everyone, only three more days until the weekend!


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