of parks, farmers markets, and coffee.


Have you ever had an adventure in your own backyard. The kind of ones you used to have as a child where a little pond was home to fairies and the piles of grass were forts in the rainforest?


A few Saturdays ago, I had a lovely adventure similar to those ~no fairies, unfortunately.



I jumped on the train down to Lincoln Park for the Green City Farmer’s Market. Markets are one of my very favorite things during summertime, but after living in Madison for four years, I must admit, I am a little spoiled. However, Green City was a pleasant surprise! Located right in the park, there was a nice variety of different stands offering produce, bread, cheese(!), jams and even cooked goods like crepes. I scooped up some fresh bread, croissants and heirloom tomatoes. I can’t wait to pair the tomatoes with some goat cheese and the crusty bread for a perfect summer lunch.



DSC_0120 2

After snagging all my goodies, I wandered the park a little more. Lincoln Park is enough of a hike from my apartment that I don’t end up there very often. It was a beautiful morning for people watching and exploring.

DSC_0123 2


DSC_0121 2


DSC_0144 2


DSC_0127 2


DSC_0147 2

The perfect Saturday morning. How was your weekend?



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